Patient group

We have an active patient participation group at our practice.

About our patient group

Premier Health Team’s Patient Participation Group (PPG)

  • P. Cain – Chair
  • D. Liggett – Treasurer
  • L. Woodier
  • C. Ainsworth
  • H. Dolphin
  • J. Warner
  • C. Ganley
  • C. Donbavand
  • F. Cooper

The PPG meets bi-monthly on a Monday evening between 7:00pm & 8:00pm.

Any patient wishing to contact the PPG in writing may do by addressing correspondence to the: Premier Health Team PPG, c/o The Bridgewater Medical Centre, Henry Street, Leigh, WN7 2PE or by posting this in the post-box located outside the surgery. Alternatively, correspondence for the PPG may be handed in at the reception desk.

Join our PPG

We welcome enquiries from patients who would like to join our patient group.

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Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 25th July, 2023