Patients with a Learning Disability

Information for patients with a Learning Disability and their Carers

Premier Health Team is committed to supporting patients with a learning disability.  All members of our team have been trained to help them to do this.

Your named contact in Premier Health Team is the Practice Manager, Caroline Sewell.   She will ensure that the quality of healthcare we provide to you is reviewed on a regular basis.

The Primary Care Access Team is able to offer advice, guidance and support for our patients with learning disabilities.  Caroline will keep in contact with the Primary Care Access Team and will attend training sessions provided.  This will enable her to promote Learning Disability Equality within Premier Health Team.

Health Checks for Adults with a Learning Disability

Easy read information for patients and carers about Making a Complaint

Information for Patients and Carers leaflet

Visit the EasyHealth website    

Date published: 25th July, 2023
Date last updated: 25th July, 2023