Vision statement

Premier Health Team’s vision is to continue to provide the best possible healthcare and education to meet the needs of the practice population.

To offer a team approach to healthcare not only within our own practice but to integrate with practices within Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group (WBCCG)  to ensure that adequate resources and skills are available and utilised for the benefit of our the local community.

To continue to treat each patient as an individual and be sensitive to their needs without any prejudice.

To continue to offer secondary care services within the practice and hopefully negotiate with WBCCG  to extend the range of procedures provided.

To look at the best ways of obtaining community feedback and involvement in the planning and development of primary care, in conjunction with WBCCG.

Ultimately to be a surgery that patients feel comfortable to visit and feel safe in the knowledge they will be offered a first class primary care service.


Date published: 25th July, 2023
Date last updated: 25th July, 2023